Minute men

By Griffin Benton


just a handfull of minute men wait in the deep woods, armed with powerful muskets and sharpshooting rifles.
The Boston Masacare, the tea party, the intolerable acts. they all led ip to this moment. Brittain was coming to attack.
at lexington village green, the war. that decided the fait of the United States started........


the minute men had a lot of advantages and disadvantages, the minute men had a very small army and militia compared to the british. The militia was a bunch of volunteers rarely trained and unpaid. The minute men were poorly paid and fed, if payed at all. The british army was a huge army with many trained soldiers handsomley paid and fed, each with a musket, small sword, and occasionaly a rifle for sharpshooters. But the minutemen had advantage too, a lay of the land, a greater passion to win, and new fighting styles. These fighting styles included a small group attacking a lone soldier out of the blue, and fighting bare handed or fighting by hiding in the bushes were both very popular


weapons served a large part of this army. The most popular was a musket, usually one called a brown bee.
The minute men had a part in there army called the sharpshooters, armed with rifles. Both sides also had cannons on either land or on ship. The continental navy was usually fishing boats with little cannons mounted on them.
many soldiers also had small swords, used in close combat or as a last resort. Some of these were instead mounted directly on the gun so when a soldier runs out of ammo he can switch to the blade.