the declaration of independence is a document ,
which gives freedom to the
13 colonies. It gives freedom of making laws from Great Britain.

how the continental congress made a change

13 colonies elected people to do something about their rights.
by signing the document they were taking a risk with there lives
but they were willing to fight for there rights. There was no war
and the 13 coloniesseparated safely away from Great Britain.

People involved in the creation of the Declaration of Independence

people who were making the document were trying to make right in the world,
so that the 13 colonies could have more rights.
after trying to make the document one person Thomas Jefferson
wrought a draft that was checked and edited.Finally, it was approved as a
Declaration of Independence.
Benjamin franklin edited all the drafts that were made

Contents of the declaration of independence

The document is made for freedom for the 13 colonies.
It is for freedom in laws of Great Briton.
king gorge the 3 was unfair to the colonies in his laws,
so the document shows that the 13 colonies have freedom in there laws.


declaration of independence - is a document made for the colonists rights and feedom
in laws.

contenental congress - people who are formed in a groop and are trying to make a difrence.

declaration of independence