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Fun Olympic Facts
Primary Resources

  • Global aspects of the games
  • Diversity and Culture
  • Character Ed Traits (what traits would an Olympian need? Where have you seen these characteristics demonstrated?)
  • Geography (countries represented, location, distance), create a route for the Olympic Torch to travel (time, distance, terrain…)
  • Math: calculations of speed, distance (compare to what they can do or everyday occurrences as points of reference), measurement conversions, angles of slopes, percents (differences in results from trials to official event or between years), comparison of results from Olympics in the past and now (what do you think is the cause?), graphing, population comparisons and percent of athletes represented, percent of athletes from a country involved in different events..why more in certain events..)
    • Interactive graph tracking performances by countries over the last 100 years (why differences, comparison of amount of athletes per country, percent increase from one year to the next (why)
    • Elementary Connections
    • Middle School, High School Math connections
    • Archetecture andinfastructure
      • How would you design the seating so all can see?
      • How would you design the track?
      • History of the games (sports included? Countries?)

        • World History: What was happening in different countries at the time of various Olympics? Did it affect participation? Why or why not?
        • Politics involved
          • Ethical issues
          • Time for Kids on the Olympics
          • Comparisons of past Olympic Games (Olympic results over time)
          • Preparation for future games
          • Biographies of athletes (all the medalists since 1896 included on the site)

            • Follow athletes through social media
            • Science of the Olympics (great video information and attached activities)
              • Build a ramp (ski events)
              • Understand Olympic apparel choices
              • Test a bobsled model (gravity and mass)
              • Why differences in skates for figure skating, hockey and speed skating
              • Media connections: role of social media, marketing (commercials)
              • Economic impact of hosting the games (costs, revenue, marketing..) Why would a country want to host? How is it decided?
              • Choose pictures and have student free write
              • Sustainability: Olympic games focus on sustainability (International Olympic Committee partnership with United Nations
              • Environment Program. Environment has become the “third pillar of Olympism along side with sport and culture”
              • Youth Olympic Games
              • Elementary summary of the games
              • Persuasive/Opinion writing.
                • When a controversy arises (disqualifications, , what would you decide to do and why. What would support for your argument would you offer the Olympic committee?)
                • Percent of medals awarded for each country
                • Are you born an athlete or can you be an exceptional athlete with work and training
                • Why should your country host the next Olympics? Consider: geography, weather, security..)
                • Symbols of the games (torch, rings) and mascots
                • Nutrition (calories needed, calories burned, differences in the amount of calories burned in relation to different sports
                • Making Thinking Visible Routines (Ron Ritchart)
                  • Headline Routine (can do it multiple times to see differences or just once)
                    • If you were to write a headline for this topic or issue right now that captured the most important aspect that should be remembered, what would that headline be?
                    • A second question involves probing how students' ideas of what is most important and central to the topic being explored have changed over time?
                    • How has your headline changed based on today's discussion? How does it differ from what you would have said yesterday?
                    • Chalk Talk
                    • Think Puzzle Explore
                      • What do you think you know about this topic?
                      • What questions or puzzles do you have? (add more as they come up)
                      • What did you find out and how?
                      • Weather of different countries in relation to the weather of host country (is there an impact? Will the competitions be fair if there are major climate differences? Why do you think that?
                      • Description of different events


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