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Force and Motion:

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disney moveie april 21 we will be going to this movie, disney bears

Information for our March 26 program. check out the web links below
Thank you for choosing the Organization for Bat Conservation to present ‘Animal Adaptations,’ a live animal program for your students and/or visitors!

In this program, discover the fascinating features and adaptations of Michigan’s native nocturnal animals. We will also talk about what adaptations are, how they are formed and why animals develop these amazing tools for survival. This program includes an owl, bats and a flying squirrel.
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Here are a few things you can expect from us:
  • 4 live animals will accompany the presenter to educate your group!

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About bat houses:

Earth Day Movie Link April 21 9:30 leave at 9:15 $5:00 per student

Mixtures and solutions _ Extra credit
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Force and Motion

Hope's Extra Credit Science

Iman's extra Credit Science

Still trying to figure out how to save JJ's energy project. Honda demonstrating Laws of Motion

Sun, Earth and Moon PROJECTS

Moon calendar

Science Test Sun, Moon and Earth10 T/F test9 Multiple ChoiceExplain the phases of the moon
Draw a lunar and solar eclipse
Write the planets in order My very educated mother just served us no pizza
Draw a picture of the Sun, Earth and Moon

Go over the highlighted areas on your review sheet. We will have partner study time with the book. We also provide readers for students who need help