Check out the reading projects from last year below.

Book report Jan

Reading Passport Diversity project

Battle Book information from 2013

Friday, January 10th – Qualifying date to be in the Battle (passing 6 or more Battle books on AR)
Friday, January 24th - Battle Team Social (2:15-3:30 in Multi Purpose room)
Friday, January 31st - Gold Medal Qualifying Date (students will receive gold medal on Battle Day if they have
passed all 10 battle books by this date)
Wednesday, February 12th - Birmingham Battle of the Books Day!
2013-2014 Titles Pierce Staff who will lead a Battle book talk. Watch for the dates in January ;
Some will be before school or after school. Many are at lunch time.
  1. Emerald Atlas Chalker
  2. Inside Out and Back Again Blakemore/Sansone
  3. Dangerous Waters Lalik
  4. Mighty Miss Malone Laburn / Rayle
  5. Capture the Flag Ali
  6. The Hive Detectives Hedges / Issa
  7. Little White Duck Bell
  8. Remarkable McComas
  9. Saint Louis Armstrong Beach Cohen
  10. The Unwanteds Clark

Battle Book reading is going on now. Check out the details.

Author Gregory Mone Battle of the Books Author Dangerous Waters Baldwin Library

Dangerous Waters – youtube

Created by the author, Gregory Mone

January Book Report

Due: January 23, 2014The date was wrong on the paper copy

Choose a favorite Battle Book (or other fiction book) to read or re-read and get teacher approval of your book choice. Book choices must be turned in to your teacher by Friday, January 6. The date was earlier on the paper copy.

You will use the same Book Report Pattern Sheet to write the written portion of the book report. You may want to take notes as you read. Remember to focus on setting, characters, and important events. You will use your summarizing skills to write your book report.

You will create an advertisement for your book. You will have a choice:

1) Create a video trailer for your book (will give examples from Mrs. Bell in January) OR

2) You can make a poster. Either use Glogster or create a poster on 11 X 17 white paper from your teacher.

Your advertisement must include:

  • Title/Author/Genre
  • Illustrations – perhaps your favorite scene, character, etc.
  • Words and phrases to highlight your story and entice someone to read the book
  • Your poster should be visually attractive (colorful), neat, with proper conventions

Written Report:

Follow the pattern below to write a four paragraph book report.


You will be assessed on how you well you follow the directions of the project, the neatness and creativity of the presentation, and the proper use of conventions.

Book Report Pattern Sheet

Paragraph 1

Tells the book title, author’s name, the setting (locating the time and place), and a one sentence summary of what the book is about. Suggested topic sentence: The book _ was written by _. The time it takes place in is and the location is _. This book tells (give one sentence summary of what the book is about).

Paragraph 2

Tells about the main characters in the book. Be sure to give support for how you describe the characters. Suggested topic sentence: The main characters in are _.

Paragraph 3

Tells about the plot, or what happens in the book. Suggested topic sentence: The plot of _ is very _ (describing word – such as exciting, frightening, funny, realistic, etc.).
  1. Be sure to give an overview of the events in order.
  2. Be sure to include only the most important events.

Paragraph 4

Tells your feelings toward the book. Suggested topic sentence: I found _ very __(describing word – such as enjoyable, interesting, etc.)
  1. Why did you like or dislike the book?
  2. What was your favorite part? Why?
  3. Did you learn anything from the book?
  4. Would you recommend the book to a friend? Why/why not?

Nature's Fury Vocabulary words are posted on

*spellingcity McComas1


Voc. help for Mystery Vocabulary words

From: DaNita Bell DaNita BellSubject: Mystery Genre

external image c.gif

Mystery Book Report tips 10-2-13

Here are some additional tips to help at home:

  • Your child should have their book selected by Monday, October 7.
  • Please bring the book to school every day. We will be doing notes on the book in class. These notes may come home for homework too.
  • A suggestion to help support comprehension is to have your child write a few notes after they read each chapter on post-it note. Keep them in the book and then you have them to refer to when you go to write the report.
  • As an incentive, have your child complete the mystery house after they complete the book. Mystery house is included in the directions coming home today.
  • This a 4 paragraph report. Please help your child as needed with their writing. There is a guide on the back of the first page of instructions.

If I can help your family in any other way please let me know.
external image c.gif
Choose a mystery book to read and get teacher approval of your book choice. You must have your book chosen by Monday Oct.7. Try to have your book read by October 21.Complete the following mystery house and written report after you read your story. Due date Oct. 28Mystery House:__
  1. Cut windows open.
  2. Glue a white sheet of paper to the back of the house.
  3. Draw a picture of clues which help tell the story, behind each open window.
  4. Draw the main character(s) behind the open door.
  5. Cut out the house.

  1. Either type or hand write your report neatly on loose leaf paper.
  2. Include the following at the top of the paper.
    1. Title
    2. Author
    3. Publisher
    4. Genre’: Mystery
    5. Write a report that follows the Book Report Pattern Sheet. We will use this same pattern sheet for a Battle Book Book report and an Historical Fiction Book report.