Parents and Guardians,Many of you have asked how you can support your student’s learning at home. Here is an important way you can do that.
Go to LearnZillion is a website that provides teachers and parents with video lessons showing what your student needs to learn each year. The lessons include a 3-5 minute long lesson video, downloadable slides, and other resources for practice and assessment.
When you get to the site, type the following lesson codes into any search bar on the site. The codes will bring you directly to the lessons for your student.
Place LearnZillion Codes here
LZ552 Area models for division
LZ3430 Rounding with decimalsYour student can watch the videos alone or with you. Have your student take notes while watching. I have provided a notes sheet to help. If your student doesn’t have the notes sheet with them, he/she can recreate it by taking a piece of paper and breaking the front page into the following sections:
  • What is this lesson about?
  • Review
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • The main thing to learn

He/she can use the back of the paper to work on the “guided practice” video or other activities that come with the lesson.

Thank you for supporting your student’s learning at home. Let me know if you have any questions. Sincerely,

Mrs Diana McComas
10-16 Remember to try for 20 minutes of math homework. If a parent wants their child to do more, that works fine with Mrs MC. THe parent really calls the homework schedule. Using 20 minutes of productive time should be enough for most night with math.
10-7 Answer key to page 31-32 was e mailed home

MATH- Students in Mrs McComas’ math class were asked to bring their Math journal home today to help review for Quiz #2. Remember we were working with math packets while we waited for the math journals to come in. The book looks empty, but it has some good pages for you to use for reviewing. The quiz is only 5 questions long.
3 problems add, subtract and Mixed number adding of fractions with unlike denominators
2 fraction words problems

We send home the review we did in class to look over
Extra practice sheets with more directions
Math Journal page 10,11tricky I think, 17 is a visual of choosing a common denominator

PAGE 31 is the review for the test we will have next Thursday. Feel free to look over that too while the book is home.
You will get home a packet of papers to help study for the math test next week. Your graded quiz #1 & quiz #2 should help you know if more studying is important.

YES< YES the fractions have been lots of work with many steps. Many students are getting it, but we are still needing to
“Use appropriate tools and strategies”

Check out the wiki under math ideas for some video clips on fractions. There are also some fun games.